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National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
Nuytco Research
Canadian Space Agency
University of Delaware
NASA's Pavilion Lake Research Project is an ongoing effort to investigate ancient signs of life that may be present on Mars. I created software that helped a global network of volunteers contribute over 1.4 million observations to the research team.
Nuytco Research designs and manufactures the world's most advanced technologies for undersea exploration. I provided Nuytco with a system for disseminating their latest spec sheets and news about upcoming expeditions.
The CSA supports planetary exploration research at remote locations across North America. I've worked with the Agency to provide them with logistics assessments of several of these outposts, including those located in the Canadian Arctic.
UDel works with industry and the public to produce scallop stock assessments along the Atlantic Coast. Using software that I wrote to support this effort, participants have examined over 100 football fields worth of ocean floor.
"Nick's work really stands out because of his clear design aesthetic and incredible ability to take complex messages, distill them to their essence, then present them in a manner that is at once precise and easily consumable."
— Dr. Darlene Lim, NASA
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