Announcing a new kind of
project management workshop.

Why are projects so hard?

People, tasks, deadlines, conflict, expectations. Projects are like a storm—unless you’re prepared, they fill you with anxiety and leave you stressed out and exhausted.

There’s a lot riding on your ability to keep it together: your team’s morale, your reputation, even the fate of your business. So how can you control the uncontrollable without slipping up?

You can’t. It doesn’t matter how good your spreadsheets and Trello boards are—you can’t control reality. But you can learn how to navigate it more effectively.

The Workshop

In a relaxed, small group setting, we’ll spend one day focused on the source of project stress and how to come to terms with it side-by-side with like-minded peers.

Then we’ll build on that foundation by putting tools and solutions into practice.
Some of the topics we’ll discuss:

Project essentials

What is a project and what are its basic elements? What kinds of projects are there? Where does project stress come from?

The PM mindset

What am I supposed to be doing? When should I be doing it? How should I be structuring my projects? How should I be managing my time?

Developing your Spidey sense

How can I spot trouble before it turns into a problem? What questions should I be asking and when? How should I be handling change?

When to call it quits

Can I save this project? Should I? How can I tell if it’s going to be worth it? What can I do to turn things around?

Big picture, little details

How do I know if the project is on-track? What tools should I be using? How do I keep the team’s day-to-day work in-sync with overall goals?


How can I stay calm and keep my composure when things get crazy? Should I be feeling this much anxiety about my projects? Why do I never have enough time?

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for those of us who learned about “project management” and how to coordinate stuff while on the job. More school of hard knocks than formal training.

Like me, you’re an accidental (and possibly reluctant) project manager and you want to get a handle on the things you don’t know you don’t know.

Who am I?

I’m Nick Wilkinson and I’ve been managing projects for over 10 years in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and software development. In that time I’ve worked with NASA, the Rockefeller Archives Center, MIT, the US Air National Guard, MoMA, the Canadian Space Agency, the National Library of Sweden... and my 11-year-old’s extracurricular schedule.

I specialize in helping small, scrappy teams punch above their weight. I’m a Project Management Professional (PMP) and I’ve led Agile change initiatives.

But above all, I love helping people and I can’t wait to hear about your projects.

What people are saying:

“An incredible workshop taught with humour, knowledge, experience, and efficiency. Who could ask for more? This workshop really helped to elevate my PM abilities.”

Author image
Amy Liebenberg Executive Director, Squamish Arts Council

“I had such a welcoming and informative time at Nick's workshop! We covered how to pivot through fires, assess risks, and manage the process of telling a project "story". Thanks Nick, for being honest with your experiences and creating a space to listen to ours.”

Author image
Leia Kim Digital Marketing Coordinator, Glacier Media Digital

“If you’re going to put your trust in just one project manager who came in second to Carly Rae Jepsen in a high school talent show, it should be Nick.”

Author image
Peter Drucker Management consultant, educator, and author

Workshop details


L'Atelier Vancouver
#400 - 319 W Hastings St.
Vancouver (website)


Next date: TBA
9am to 4pm
(1hr break for lunch)

How much?

Price: $350

Please get in touch about upcoming dates.

Please get in touch about upcoming dates.

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